About Me

Hi Rolonda Washington  the founder of Be Simple U.

I’m an educator who enjoys working with children. I love  creating educational projects and games to help children learn on social , emotional and cognitive level.  Working with children puts a big smile on my face each time that I see them. One of the activities I enjoy most with them is Arts and Crafts projects and making play- dough.

I also have a love for nature.  Walking , hiking, journaling ,  and reading books outdoors is one my favorite things to do in the warmer months. When the weather doesn’t allow for these activities, I spent my time doing  DYI projects. This includes creating vision boards ,  making  jewelry and decorating  just about anything. I find theses activities relaxing.

I’m a girly girl who loves all things related to fashion, makeup and beauty. I adore putting different things together and getting dressed- up whether I’m just casually hanging out with family and friends or going out for a nice evening.

In addition to love for music and dance. I am a worshipper and Minster of movement. As a Christian I know that my identity and faith comes from knowing God.  I love being able to express my love for God through movement. It allows for my creativity to shine through and for me experience the freedom and peace of knowing God.

He created me with a unique purpose and being an educator of the young, partaking in the wonderful of nature and having a variety of hobbies, allowed me to find purpose.


Thanks for stopping by my page.

Be Blessed and know God is restoring you to become better and you.