I’m Single and Happy for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to celebrate with family and friends. It’s also a great time to reflect on the things that have happened throughout the year. Single women don’t get discouraged on what you don’t have this Christmas season. Know that you are where you are supposed to be in this time. God has not forgotten about you.  Look at the big picture; things take time and there is a season for everything.   Enjoy your time as a single woman and be content and happy.

Often, we look at everything we don’t have and don’t celebrate the small things. I want to encourage you and let you know regardless of your status or situation you are where God wants you to be as a woman.

 Enjoy Spending time with Others and have a Party

One extremely fun thing you can do is invite some of your friends over on Christmas day. You can host a pajama Christmas party and invite some of your family and friends and have them bring a favorite dish to share.  You can also have a Christmas Karaoke contest at your home. Singing your favorite Christmas songs while drinking eggnog provides good company and laughs.  Laughter is good medicine to the soul. Being around great people that make you laugh brings a positive feeling inside.   Just because you don’t have that special someone in your life doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and enjoy your family and friends. Being around those that love you prevents loneliness from hindering you a single woman.  Be free, live, and laugh during this Christmas.

 Watch your favorite Christmas Movie with Family and Friends

One enjoyable thing during the holiday season is watching your favorite Christmas movie with family and friends. My favorite classic movie is “It a Wonderful Life”.  I love watching this movie every Christmas with my family and having good laughs.  We also pop our favorite popcorn and eat our favorite take out.  Have fun and enjoy some good times and laughs with your family and friends. One fun and exciting way to make movie watching fun during Christmas time is having a movie contest. Have each person guess who knows each character of the movie and incorporate it with a prize goodie bag makes for lots of laugher and good times.

Eat Hearty

Cook one of your favorite dishes for Christmas dinner.  Ensure that you have a Christmas meal on Christmas day. Cook a new dish and break free from cooking the traditional dishes. Prepare not just a new dish for yourself, but cook something new and allow your family to try it. You’d be surprised how cooking a new dish and coming out of your norm can bring a warm feeling to the soul. Everyone loves to try something new in their lifetime. Pinterest and YouTube are great ways to find new recipes. Both Pinterest and YouTube will guide you step by step when cooking your dish. So, this Christmas bring that new dish to Christmas dinner and be proud you stepped out of your comfort zone.

Doing a Christmas Craft

Staying busy as a single Christian woman is the key. Working on craft projects will occupy your mind and your hands. Making a crafts and projects will consume your time and brings the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Go to your local craft store and look for something that you’d like to make. It could be Christmas cards to give to someone, a flower centerpiece or a lovely handmade bracelet. Gather instructions for one or more Christmas crafts that interest you and shop for your supplies at your local craft store. A few of my favorites are Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabric and Walmart. These stores have lots of magazines and ideas for new craft projects. You can work on the project up to Christmas Day. Then you’ll be able to display your special creation as décor or wear it.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and remember being single doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy life during this holiday season.


I’ll leave you with this Christmas quote:

“Bless us Lord this Christmas with

Quietness of mind, teach us to be

Patient and always kind

~Helen Rice~


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