Birthing Pains

There is something that you can’t even image what is placed inside you. So many time we compare our process to someone else and how that process may be the easy route for that person. There was a point I thought how the process in my life was so long and why it was taking a long time. I asked myself various of questions why I am in this long process. The Lord reminded me that it was something great that was inside me and I was carrying something extremely heavy. I said wow not just being an average woman but becoming a phenomenal woman of love, grace, purpose. God always reminds me of the story of Esther and how she went through a process for to be pushed and birth out for a nation. I truly believe going through the most rough and hardest time of my life is preparing me for a birthing process. Even though I have not had a baby yet in the natural but there is something heavy carrying in the inside of me. I would like to encourage many of you women that my feel or giving up on this process or feel that you are not qualified for a position, business adventure , stepping out on a new idea, and destiny. Stay in the process and carry the vision and push your spiritually baby through. Carry the vision full term and allow the birthing pain produce and  create something beautiful. Be encourage beautiful woman and just know that God is preparing you to birth something beautiful in due season.

I leave you with this

Ecclesiastes 3:1  A time for everything and a season for every activity in heaven. Be Blessed and stay in the process.
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