4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Christian Single Woman

Hello Beautiful Woman!  I would like to encourage you this Valentine’s Day to stay strong and know God has a perfect plan for your life. Right now you may be single but He still know what he is doing in you.  One thing  is that you can spread the love of Jesus 365 days of the year. Sometimes we as Christian women get caught of the status of being single but miss out of enjoying the single years. He is everything you need for Him to be in your life and in this season.

Treat yourself

It doesn’t mean that if you have no one in your life you can’t enjoy you. God created you in His image and you are beautiful. No matter if your status is single right now you are loved . So many times we are  looking for love somewhere else but don’t know how to love and treat ourselves.   For example, you can bake your favorite dessert and cook a delicious meal. You can  watch one of your favorite comedy movie.  Treat yourself to your favorite  food, snack and outing.  Going to try new things will make you feel joyful and excited. By doing this it will help you learn to enjoy life and treat yourself.


Spend time with other Christian single women.

Spending time with other women will help you to not feel alone, depressed, or unvalued. You can go over one another home to and play games, cook delicious  dishes,  have a movie night watching  girlie comedy or a pamper day. Also, you can write words of encouragement on a card to pass out to one of your friends to cheer  them up. One year I decided to get a group of friends together and have a Valentine’s Day dinner. We passed out cards and gifts to each other and inside the card there were words of affirmation.  This will really help you express the gratitude of love.

 Have a pamper evening.

If you don’t have the money to go out you can always use resources at home and online for ideas. Do a DIY spa day at home. You can set up your home or apartment like a spa. For example, You can set up your living room area with aroma therapy candles, soft instrumental music and do a manicure and pedicure. Also, you can make flavor water using fruits and lemons for that relaxing time.  Pinterest has many recipes and tips on how you can do a spa day at home.

Do a worship evening.

 Worship is a beautiful thing and it connects us with the Father  God in Heaven.  You can create a worship atmosphere  with your favorite worship music. Another thing you can do is journal while in worship and write love letters to Jesus and pour out your love unto Him. Jesus loves us and He is a healer of our broken heart. By entering worship it allows you to have joy, love and peace. Worship is also the key to communing with  God and getting back in the right standing and relationship with Him. Pouring out your love on Him will refresh  you in His presence.


Be encouraged and know that God has a perfect plan for your life.

God proved His love on the cross. He hung, and shed His blood for you because He loves you!






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