4 Ways to Be a Joyful You During the Holidays

The holidays are a very important time to many people. December is the last month of the year and we all begin to reflect on the things we have accomplished and overcome during the year. It’s no secret how quickly time is approaching and we are almost in another year. Earlier this week I had lunch with one of my friends and she shared with me how the holidays are the best season of the year but also can be a little difficult. One suggestion I would give during the holiday season is to take time to enjoy your family, friends and be a joyful you. Don’t allow what you don’t have to hinder you from celebrating how far you’ve come this year and what is ahead for the new year. Sometimes the holiday season can be stressful, overwhelming and difficult, but remember you’ve made it this year. I would like to encourage you with 4 key principles of how to be a joyful you and enjoy the holidays with others:

1. Stop comparing your holiday season to someone else.
Oftentimes, we compare ourselves to someone else’s experiences and we forget how good God has been to us during the year. Comparison is a silent killer that destroys the identity God has created for you. Be happy and embrace who you are. Do something special for yourself such as watching your favorite holiday movie, make holiday DIY projects (a spa day at home, baking cookies or having friends over for a vision board party.) When you take your mind off others, you become happy.

2. Don’t make promises or commitments you really don’t want make.
Making promises that you can’t fulfill causes you to become stressed during the holidays. So often we make unrealistic commitments that leads to complaining and not being happy. Set small and short goals for yourself. When you set a small goal, you’re able to accomplish it faster and be more comfortable achieving it. Also, read encouraging books that will boast your confidence and esteem. One of the books I recommend to read is “A Confident Heart by: Renee Swope

3. Don’t feel the pressure to spend money that you don’t have.

One of the things that will stress you out during the holiday season is money. You can create ways to show your love and appreciation to others by making a gift basket of their favorite things or creating a picture collage. You can also invite family and friends over to cook a meal. Just remember that it’s not about the amount of money spent; it’s the love and thought.

4. Managing your time carefully.

Avoid trying to cram too many activities leading up to the holidays. Set limits and boundaries. Making a schedule of what to do during those days will prevent you from being stressed, sick and overwhelmed. This will help keep track of your time. Planning time with family and friends on days you are available will help you remain relaxed, joyful and happy to be around.

I hope these 4 steps help you for the holiday season of being a joyful you!
Remember: Jesus is the reason for Christmas and He is the greatest gift we all can have.

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