3 Ways to Improve Yourself Esteem Part 1

Nothing is more important than how you love and think about yourself.  Create a positive image rather than the outer appearance. When you focus more on the inside of feeling happy about yourself you will bring positivity to your environment.

Self-esteem is the way on how we view about our self and how we view things that surrounds us. It takes control of how you realize what yourself worth is.

Create a Goal   Working towards a goal and writing it down will help you value the way you see yourself and how others may view you.  Start writing daily affirmations to yourself and speaking positive things. For example, you can write words that may describe who you are as a person and find a positive word and write it down. This will help boost up your confidence of who you are and your self-image.  Also, it can be a hobby about which you are passionate about or an idea you may want to turn into a business for income. Not only you should be proud of accomplishing your goal always reward yourself when accomplishing it. This will help you boost up your esteem and love the way you are. Reward yourself with a favorite ice cream or desert this make you feel special and appreciated of who you are.

Surround Yourself with Positive Relationships  Surrounding yourself with positive people helps how your self-worth is. Sometimes when we surround ourselves around negative people joy and sense of happiness leaves because of their negative energy,  negative thoughts, and low self- esteem. Check your close circle of friends and family and evaluate are they good for you in your life. Surrounding yourself with positive relationships can help boost up your esteem and self-worth. People that are positive in your life with help you come against negative thought patterns and breaking cycles by speaking positive words. Joining friendly community groups with common interest will create a positive atmosphere. Spending time in quiet time writing in a journal  and reading self image books can also help boost your self esteem.

Love Yourself     Loving yourself is a key essential of boosting your self- esteem. If you don’t love who you are and embrace who you are created to be no one will. Everything starts with a thought and how you view who you are. So next time when you look at yourself in the mirror tell yourself how beautiful and wonderful you are. This goes back to step one in the beginning words of affirmations and speaking positively to yourself. When you have a day that is down look back at those positive words you wrote down and speak those words over yourself. Words carry power and it up to you to create a positive atmosphere to build your self- esteem.

I hope these 3 steps help you in this article and know you are in a process of becoming a better you.

I leave you with this quote:

~~Confidence ~~

Is the only key.

I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself

Emma Stone

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