The Beautiful Aroma

She breezed in and sat down in the school cafeteria at Governors State University. It was at that moment when a woman next to her complimented her on her sweet fragrance. Now this woman was dressed casually, but her scent was sweet and lovely.  She was in her early 20’s waiting in the cafeteria for the next class. The person who was sitting next to her was drawn to her because of her sweet smelling scent. What I am saying is we must have that same sweet smelling fragrance when we are representing Christ. When we are representing Christ, we are to draw others by living a lifestyle of purity, holiness, and meditating on His word. So many times, we as humans allow our personal life to interfere with our fragrance which should represent God. If we have a bad attitude one day or are rude towards someone, this can mess up our fragrance unto the Lord.  This will bring a stinky and unpleasant scent. Imagine yourself going days and days without taking a shower. How would you smell? You would probably smell yucky and stinky, right? Well sometimes this is how our attitudes and character are displayed. The lady at the cafeteria was drawn by the sweet-smelling fragrance. That is how we must be when we are going out; we are being a representation of Christ. We must draw others in by loving them where they are and being a sweet aroma like Jesus. Jesus draws through His fragrance of love, compassion, and hope for the hopeless.  I am saying just like Jesus, we must continue to be like Him and have a sweet pleasant fragrance.  Be blessed 🙂






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