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                                                                                     Welcome to Be Simple u

Be Simple U  was created to help others  follow their dreams and to understand who they were created to be. I was inspired to help women in their early 20’s discover their identity and purpose.  Growing up in my early 20’s I dealt with identity issues, low- self worth and was unsure of my purpose and calling.  I struggled with comparison, isolation, and rejection.  I truly discovered who I was by being in the presence of God and allowed Him to make me over again and restore me from my past. Quite often I  placed my trust and identity in a person or a thing and wasn’t fully secure in who I was.  My desire is to help you become more confident in yourself and your identity through my blog.

The meaning of Be Simple U

Be – Secure, confident, of the real you

Simple –  To understand the simple nature, character, and purpose of who you are.

You –  To embrace your unquiness, creativity, and idenity.

Be Simple U stands for  the secure you of being who you are in your character purpose and identity. To embrace your unquiness  creative. and to easily understand the nature of having a good character.

Psalm 139:14

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.


I aspire to help others come out of their fears and become confident in being all you are called to be. You were born for a purpose and a plan. You are more than just your looks and a pretty face, you are unique and have a voice in the world. Being Simple U makes you stand out as an individual.  I will give you practical tips and helpful resources on how to pursue your dreams without limitations, inspirational devotions to boost up your self confidence, and scriptures to feed your soul. I believe sometimes we must just jump out there and do it by faith and trust it will happen in due time.   You are created and designed to be unique; there is only one you . Be Simple U.