Be Simple U is created for younger women to become creative, unique and confident of being who they are created to be.  It is also designed for younger women that are looking for community, encouragement, and love.

My Passion is to help empower young women to be able reach their full potential into womanhood and to follow their dreams of who they are called to be in this world. Be Simple U was  birth to help young women in their early 20’s discover purpose in society. Be Simple U created to support younger women to build skills by practicing purity, purpose, character, confidence.

The meaning of Be Simple U

Be – Secure, confident, of the real you

Simple –  To understand the simple nature, character, and purpose of who you are.

You –  To embrace your uniqueness creativity, and identity

Be Simple U stands for  the secure you of being who you are in your character purpose and identity. To embrace your uniqueness , creativity, and to easily understand the nature of having a good character.

Psalm 139:14   I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Encouraging  Words to You :

You were born for a purpose and a plan.

You are more than just your looks and a pretty face.

You are unique and have a voice in the world.

You are a beautiful young woman that has been placed in this world to express thoughts , vision and spread love to others.

I will help you will practical tips and helpful resources on how to pursue your dreams without limitations, inspirational devotions to boost up your self confidence, encouraging quotes and scriptures to feed your soul. I believe sometimes we must just jump out there and do it by faith and trust it will happen in due time.

You are created and designed to be unique; there is only one you .

Be Simple U.